Carbon Assimilation and Modelling of the European Land Surfaces


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Surface Processes Group - List of Book Chapters

Wolfgang Knorr and Peter Cox. CAMELS-Carbon Assimilation and Modelling of the European Land Surface. In Peter Bergamaschi, Hartmut Behrend, and Andre Jol, editors, Inverse modelling of national and EU greenhouse gas emission inventories, pages 66-69, 2004. [.pdf ].

T. Kaminski, R. Giering, M. Scholze, P. Rayner, and W. Knorr. An example of an automatic differentiation-based modelling system. In V. Kumar, L. Gavrilova, C. J. K. Tan, and P. L'Ecuyer, editors, Computational Science - ICCSA 2003, International Conference Montreal, Canada, May 2003, Proceedings, Part II, volume 2668 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 95-104, Berlin, 2003. Springer. [ .ppt/.pdf | .pdf ]

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PhD Theses
Marko Scholze (2003): Model studies on the response of the terrestrial carbon cycle to climate change and variability. Examensarbeit, Max-Plank-Institut fur Meteorologie, Hamburg, Germany, 2003. Abstract

Wolfgang Knorr (1997): Satellitengestützte Fernerkundung und Modellierung des globalen CO 2-Austauschs der Landvegetation (in German). Examensarbeit, Max-Plank-Institut fur Meteorologie, Hamburg, Germany, 2003.